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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Serving Ontario: Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers.

At Juzkiw Law, we will provide competent advocacy while seeking the compensation you deserve. The effects of your injury are devastating, and you do not have to be alone. To contact our firm about your catastrophic injury and to meet with a lawyer, contact us online or call us at 416-290-5055. We offer a free initial consultation for our services and will meet you at a location convenient for you.

o   Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can range from a concussion to severe physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive impairment. Each case is specific and highly individualized to each specific case. Sometimes the full effects of the injury are not readily apparent and may take months or years to fully manifest.

o   At Juzkiw Law our team of lawyers work with TBI victims to find the support they need from medical specialists and to secure the compensation they require for long-term recovery.

o   According to Ontario’s Ministry of Health, half of all acquired brain injuries in the province are caused by traffic accidents, and they account for 70 percent of the most severe cases. It is important to note that victims of TBI have access to a regime of accident benefits through standardized insurance. Moreover, these victims have a right to pursue legal action against the parties responsible for the accident.

o   Persons with severe brain injuries often require long-term supportive housing, inclusive of home modifications/renovations, vehicle modifications, inbound and outbound medical rehabilitation services, and attendant care. Compensation for these expenses as well as intangible losses can be sought as part of a lawsuit. Pain and Suffering is one of the heads of damages that can only be accessed through ongoing litigation and is therefore separate from an accident benefits claim.

Competent and Effective Advocacy for your TBI claim

  • Our team at Juzkiw Law will work diligently to get you the insurance benefits you are entitled to through your insurance company and pursue the party responsible for your accident if it is necessary and appropriate to your situation. The effects of a brain injury are not only devastating psychologically, but they can be cause depletion of financial resources while at the same time placing a strain on yourself and your loved ones. Rest assured that competent advocacy will get you the compensation you deserve which is vital to your family’s future. Results that matter.

Serving Ontario: Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

  •  Competent legal advice and strong advocacy are important to getting the support you require as you or your loved one lives with a TBI. To speak with a member of the team at Juzkiw Law contact us online or call us at 416-290-5055.

    We offer a free initial consultation for our services at a location that is convenient for you.

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