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Stefan Juzkiw is the founder and managing partner of Juzkiw Law. Since 2013, he has enjoyed helping others and problem-solving with a concentration in CPP Disability Benefits Appeals, Long-Term Disability, Car Accident, and Catastrophic litigation. Stefan graduated in Electrical Engineering and completed his Master of Business Administration from the University of Windsor, and has a Doctor of Law Degree from Wayne State University. He is a licensed lawyer in Michigan, USA, and Ontario, Canada.

  • Litigator with broad subject matter experience
  • Experience negotiating a successful resolution
  • Take pride in being a strong communicator
  • Tell client’s stories in a convincing manner
  • Enjoy helping others solve problems
  • Experienced trial and apellate lawyer
  • Has the experience to take the cases that cannot be settled through to trial




When bad things happen, it can take a while to get over the pain and feel safe again. Often, trauma results from an extraordinarily stressful event that shatters your sense of security, leaving you to feel vulnerable, frustrated, and helpless. This trauma can leave you struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety that won’t go away. It can also leave you feeling numb, disconnected, and unable to trust other people.

Growing up in the blue-collar community of Windsor, Ontario, I had a front-row seat to the injustice and hardship perpetuated by the corporate elite against vulnerable wage-earners. From a young age, I can remember when the Ford and General Motor Automotive factory plants were the foundation of the local economy, providing well-paid jobs with generous benefits to the community. Then the plant closures and lay-offs began, devastating the families of our community. The decades of loyalty demonstrated by those autoworkers were cast aside in light of the corporations’ low profits. It was then I witnessed a disparity in negotiating power between unsophisticated union members and their legal representation up against the ‘Goliath’ corporations and their lawyers. That’s when the realization hit me. The legal system favours those with vast financial means.

The injustice against the autoworkers of that time touched so many families, including my own. That power imbalance lit a fire in me from a young age that has been the driving force of becoming a lawyer. I have since committed to becoming a voice for those denied access to life saving benefits earned as a result of their loyalty and hard work.

If you have experienced emotional trauma or an ongoing event leading to the denial of your disability benefits, you can count on us to advocate for you. Our goal is to help restore your dignity and secure the proper compensation for your recovery. I understand trauma and adversity, and I know people.

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