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Request for Reconsideration

What should I do if application is denied?

  • If your application is denied, do not worry. You can request for reconsideration to Service Canada before going to a tribunal or trial process.
  • The first and the most important step at this stage is to review the reasons for denial in your decision letter. You may have missed an important fact that draws the link between your medical condition and your ability to work.
  • Many times, people do not include important documents that can be of significant proof, thinking that they are trivial. For example, the record that you had missed or had to leave work early due to your condition.  An email you sent to your supervisor asking if you could have accommodation. Those documents can fill out the gaps between your medical condition and your ability to work.
  • It is essential that you amend any mistakes that were made during the application process. If there were any weaknesses in your argument, address them. If you fail to do it and repeat the same narration you already provided in your original application, you may get a negative decision again. In that case, there are still ways to appeal the decision, but it will be long and complex.
  • We understand that the CPPD benefits are an essential source of income for you. We can review your application and decision letter to see if there was any gap or mistake from your end. We can also identify if there were errors made by the adjudicator. Then, we can suggest the best strategy for you to succeed with the reconsideration process, so that you do not experience another disappointment.

When do I need to request a review for my application?

  • The request should be made within 90 days from the date you received your decision letter. You have to complete and submit the form online or by mail.

What do I include in my request form?

  • Before you start, read the reasons for denial carefully. Explain why you disagree with the decision.
  • If Service Canada did not consider a piece of evidence you included with your original application, point that out and explain why it should have been considered.
  • If you have new evidence that may support your claim, include the evidence and explain why it should be considered.
  •  If you have upcoming appointments related to your condition or expect to get a medical result, indicate them.
  • If you need more space in the form, you may attach your explanation at the back of the request form.

 My 90–day deadline is getting close, but I am still waiting for new documents to support my claim. What should I do?

  • You still need to submit your form within 90 days. In the form, explain that you expect additional documents and plan to submit them to support your request. You can send the documents as soon as you receive them.

I missed the 90-day deadline. Can I still request for reconsideration?

  • Service Canada may consider your request as long as you have reasonable explanations for the delay. Section 2 of the Request form will ask you if you complied with the 90–day requirement. You need to show that you took steps to comply with the deadline.

How long would it take to get the decision on my request?

  • You are likely to receive a decision within four months. However, if you send additional documents after you send your request, this may delay the process.
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