If you have suffered because of someone else’s neglectful behavior, from irresponsible driving to bicycle accidents, or even a pedestrian injury, negligence can cause a great deal of undue harm to unsuspecting victims. More often than not, injured victims are burdened with serious financial consequences, which should not fall onto them. At Juzkiw Law, we can help compensate for your medical costs, rehabilitation, and any other treatment you need to recover, by taking the offending party to court.

We understand the pain of losing something and want to make things just. To do this, our lawyers will take the time to personally examine every detail of your case to give you the best outcome possible. Through our free consultation, we take a highly individualistic approach to tailor to each case. We will make sure that each client is ensured the highest standards of service and that we can effectively guide you through a difficult time.

With experienced lawyers at our firm, we are able to handle cases that include: slips and falls, car accidents, serious fractures, amputations, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, blindness injuries, wrongful death cases, and more. Since liable parties have an obligation to uphold the safety of those around us, they have a responsibility to recognize their wrongdoings and recompense the victim.

Personal injury issues can be complex, usually handled in the form of a lawsuit, which can be settled by both parties. However, if the settlement offered is not adequate, then we will take your case to court and will fight for what you are owed. We are also well versed in dealing with insurance claims. Our lawyers will deal with everything, from filing the claim, making representations on your behalf, and overcoming the obstacles that insurance companies like to put forth.

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