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Fractures or dislocated vertebrae

Ontario: Fracture Lawyers:

Whether a “clean” brake or dislocation, a bone fracture may take a longer period of time to heal. In some circumstances it may never heal completely, leaving you with life-long complications after the fact.

  At Juzkiw Law, Stefan Juzkiw and our team are experienced advocates for clients who suffer from a fracture or dislocation due to an accident or another’s negligence. We strive to get clients the benefits to which they are entitled through their insurance company, and we seek compensation from at-fault third parties if appropriate given the circumstances.

Back Injury – The Process of Recovery

  • Recovery from a back injury is likely to be a lengthy process that requires months of rest, rehabilitation, and medical intervention. During that time, an individual’s ability to work, provide financial stability for one’s family, engage in social and recreational events may be severely compromised.
  • The process of recovery may also be compounded by the emotional effects of a long-term injury. Chronic Pain can arise from a physical injury that never fully heals. Its side effects include decreased mobility, impaired immunity, decreased concentration, anorexia, sleep disturbances and mental health ailments such as depression.

Advocacy for Back Injury Clients

  • At Juzkiw Law, our team focuses on a client-centered approach which means that we take the time to discuss with our clients the full scope of the effects of his or her fracture or dislocation injury. Once we are fully apprised of our clients’ condition, we are then better prepared to advise on the necessary legal strategy and devise a plan of action to pursue a claim. Results that matter.

Serving Ontario: Dislocated Vertebrae and Fracture Lawyers 

  • If you have sustained a bone fracture, herniated disc, or similar injury as a result of a collision or another’s negligence, legal advice can assist in securing the compensation you need for your recovery. Contact Juzkiw Law online or call us at 416-290-5055. We offer a free initial consultation for our services. If you have mobility issues, we will come to you. Results that matter.


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