At Juzkiw Law, we ensure our clients have access to justice by working on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not get paid until your case is settled.

  •  Our team at Juzkiw Law is dedicated to providing access to justice to all those who suffer from emotional trauma or an ongoing event leading to the denial of your disability benefits. Going to court, moreover, can seem intimidating, difficult, time consuming, and more importantly, expensive. It can make obtaining access to justice seem unattainable for all except the privileged. 
  •  To ensure justice is available to all, our team at Juzkiw Law accepts cases on a contingency fee basis.
    What does this mean for you, the client?
  • A contingency fee agreement means that we will wait to get paid until after your case is concluded, and we will be paid only if you receive money either as a result of a negotiated settlement or an award at trial. If you lose your case, you do not pay legal fees to us.
  • If we agree to take on your case, we do not require any upfront payments for disbursements. Disbursements are payments for items and services from third parties such as court filing fees, the services of expert witnesses and medical records. Juzkiw Law will cover the cost of disbursements necessary to support your case whether it be a CPP disability appeal or medical assessments required to deem you catastrophic by your automobile insurer.
  • As of July 1, 2021, the Law Society of Ontario (“LSO”) has mandated the use of a Standard Form Contingency Fee Agreement and has enacted new rules governing contingency fee agreements. You can read and download the Standard Form Contingency Fee Agreement developed by the LSO by clicking on the attached link:
  • The key feature s of the Standard Form Contingency Fee Agreement (“SFCFA”) are outlined below.
  • The fee that you will pay us for legal services is a percentage of the money you get as a settlement or as an award at trial. The percentage also applies to any amount paid by the other side for costs.
  • Costs is money to help you pay for legal fees but in most cases, costs pay only for a part of a person’s legal expenses.
  • As of July1, 2021, we are required to disclose and post on our firm website the maximum contingency fee percentage we charge under the SFCFA which is set out below:
  •  Maximum Fee for Disability Cases including CPP disability appeals, long-term disability, car accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death cases.
  • The maximum fee we charge is up 33% of your settlement or trial award including costs, plus HST.
  • In our experience, the vast majority of denied disability claims settle out of court, generally either following the Examination for Discovery, at Mediation, or at a Pre-Trial. While there are no precise statistics as to the number of cases which settle without trial, it is our understanding and belief that close to 99% of all denied disability claims settle without a trial.

Contingency Fees – What You Need to Know

  • Attached is the Law Society of Ontario Guide titled, “Contingency Fees – What You Need to Know”, which we encourage you to read.
    If, prior to retaining our firm, you have questions raised by the Law Society Guide, please email us at or call us at 416-290-5055 and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Our Objective

  • Our objective is to provide you with access to justice and if we have the privilege of representing you, to pursue your case with persistence, determination and strength no matter how difficult or costly the case may be.
  • We believe in clear, direct and practical legal advice. We are efficient and effective in bringing about prompt settlements. We believe that it is important for you to always know what’s going on with your case. Our lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and assistants are in touch with you by email or phone, or ZOOM and in person on a regular basis. As much as we can, we aim to relieve the stress of an emotional trauma or an ongoing event leading to the denial of your disability benefits. 
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