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Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

Ontario Chronic Pain Lawyers

 With the passage of time and if left untreated, minor injuries and soft-tissue injuries can often develop into a debilitating chronic pain syndrome. Persons who have been diagnosed with chronic pain or fibromyalgia are often burdened with the added stress of the need to affirm their condition to the insurance company or even friends and family. Our industry experience has afforded us the insight to recognize that appropriate and comprehensive treatment is required to help prevent further deterioration of our clients’ condition.

 At Juzkiw Law, our team is sensitive to our client’s physical state combined with the emotional toll of dealing with a chronic condition after an accident.

Symptoms and Effects of Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

  • According to the Cleveland Clinic, Fibromyalgia is a chronic, long-term illness. Widespread muscle pain and joint pain,  fatigue, and poor sleep, are the defining symptoms of fibromyalgia. The disease affects people differently. The effects and co-conditions that an individual may experience include, but are not limited to the following:

                   o   Anxiety or depression

                   o   Headaches or migraines

                   o   Memory problems

                   o   Tingling or numbness in the hands

                   o   Face or jaw pain

                   o   Irritable bowel syndrome

  •  According to the clinic, individuals with this condition tend to be deeply sensitive to pain that would not bother most people. There may be a number of tender points or areas on your body that are overly sensitive to touch. For a diagnosis, widespread pain should be present for three months along with fatigue and other symptoms such as memory and concentration difficulties, poor sleep, and symptoms of depression.

Competent Advocacy for those with Chronic Pain

  • At Juzkiw Law, our team of chronic pain lawyers are competent advocates for those who suffer from the above-noted conditions, which are difficult to prove. We are sensitive to the effects of such a debilitating physical and psychological condition on an individual’s ability to maintain a high quality of life. Our team is dedicated to getting clients the benefits that they are entitled to from insurance companies as well as through litigation if chronic pain and fibromyalgia can be linked to the actions of an at-fault third party.  Results that matter.

Ontario: Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia Lawyers

  • Getting educated about your legal rights in light of your chronic pain syndrome is the first step to receiving the much-needed treatment, support, and compensation to get well. Contact our law firm online or call us at 416-290-5055. We offer a free initial consultation for our services.  If traveling to our office presents a difficulty, we will meet you at a desired location of your choice. 
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