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Catastrophic Injury claims by their very nature are the most debilitating motor vehicle accident claims. The devastating effects of an accident may or may not be visible to those who are experiencing them. While some injuries are tragic and readily seen, others can only be felt with gradual decline over time.

At Juzkiw Law our team is sensitive to every client’s unique circumstances. We recognize that it may not be easy for you to prove the severity of your condition to friends, family, or an insurance company. We can provide you with the support you need.

Our team is composed of strong legal advocates for clients who experience a wide range of catastrophic injuries, or borderline catastrophic injuries that can be designated as catastrophic with the assistance of a team of experienced legal counsel. Detail and timing are critical components in assessing and managing these claims.

Establishing the Severe Nature of the Injuries while Seeking Care and Compensation.

At our law firm, we are steadfast advocates getting clients the financial support they need in order to adjust to life following a severe injury. We are well aware that a seemingly minor injury on appearance can become catastrophic over time. We assist clients living with their injuries, including:

At Juzkiw Law, we are attentive to our clients’ needs. We individualize and listen to our clients’ experiences with sensitivity and care. We work with a team of our own experts to obtain concrete evidence of what our clients are experiencing while seeking the relevant legal avenues to get them the compensation they deserve. 

Throughout the many years of representing injured persons, the majority of our clients have demonstrated the strength and resiliency required to adapt to life with a catastrophic injury. This example has added to our resolve to work hard for you and the right to secure you the support required.

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