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Victim(s) of a Car Collision and Compensation

Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents can often place a physical, emotional, and financial toll on their victims. If you sustained injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident, the legal team at Juzkiw Law could assist in obtaining the compensation and benefits you are entitled to receive, allowing you to secure your recovery. 

Our goal in every case is to obtain full compensation and benefits for our clients so that they can start the process of recovery and rebuilding their lives. Compensation provides by way of allowing for the replacement of lost and future income, essential medical treatment, and support for family members.  Educating our clients about the legal process, whether regarding a minor or more serious accident, is important for our clients to secure financial stability. We can assist in that process.

At Juzkiw Law, our team, led by Stefan Juzkiw, is dedicated to compassionate advocacy that gets results. Since his entry into the field of law, Stefan Juzkiw has devoted his entire career to helping victims of a motor vehicle accident gain the maximum results that they are entitled to receive. Results that matter.

Dedication to our Clients

  • Our team at Juzkiw Law focuses on contending with insurance companies to secure needed benefits those who have been injured in a car accident. Each case is fact specific and may require litigation to help clients recover compensation for:

                  o   Past and Future Wage Loss

                  o   Future Care Costs for Treatment

                  o   Pain and Suffering

                  o   Family members affect by their loved ones’ injuries

 At Juzkiw Law, Stefan Juzkiw and his team are dependable advocates committed to getting the necessary evidence required to launch a successful claim on our client’s behalf. Tools regularly dispensed at our disposal include accident reconstruction engineers to gather evidence by way of statements from witnesses, paramedics, police officers, roadside evidence, street engineering, and, if necessary, the inspection of the potential vehicle(s) involved in the accident. The above-noted tools are vital in demonstrating that the accident was not the complete fault of our client. It is important to note that successful claims for compensation can arise for persons deemed at-fault for an accident, despite charges that may be pending. Results that matter.

Shared Interest and Common Goals

  • Our clients’ goals include securing the maximum compensation for their injuries to achieve their recovery. Since our contingency fees are based on settlements, this means that our payment is based on a percentage of what we secure as compensation for clients. As a result, we share our clients’ objectives as partners in pursuit of the best legal strategy. At Juzkiw Law, we firmly believe that every car accident victim is unique and therefore has a story to bring to light concerning clients’ injuries and the impact of such on their lives.
  •  At Juzkiw Law, our commitment to our clients begins with an initial consultation with our team. Once specific facts are gathered, through subsequent meetings, a road map for the case is designed for that client in order to secure the premium compensation for their recovery and loved family members.

Ontario Car Accident Lawyers

  • Understanding your legal rights can increase your chances for a successful claim. Please contact our office to learn more about our legal services. If you have been involved in a car accident, contact us online or call us at 416-290-5055. We offer a free initial consultation for our services. If mobility is an issue and you are unable to book an in-office appointment, we can come to see you.


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