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Application Requirements: Preparations, Process and Tips

 If you meet eligibility requirements, you can start filling out your application. Your application should include both facts and evidence to make your claim strong. At Juzkiw Law, Stefan Juzkiw and our team have the experience to:

o   Answer your questions

o   Help you fill out the Application form

o   Advise you which documents to submit

o   Prepare the application package

o   Follow up with your application status


Who will determine my CPPD benefits application?

  • Your claim is most likely to be determined by a medical adjudicator. Therefore, it is crucial to show the severity of your medical conditions and to emphasize how they impact your ability to work. The adjudicator will make their decision based on a range of factors such as:
  • The nature and severity of your medical condition
  • Whether your condition is prolonged or expected to be of long-term
  • How your condition impacts your capacity to work
  • Impact of treatments you are receiving
  • Your background and personal characteristics
  • Please remember that your application will be assessed by a person with a significant workload. An application package can be as thick as a textbook. Therefore, it is good to make your application package as organized and clear as possible.

Do I need a recent job history to get CPPD benefits?

  • If you have stopped working a while ago, you can still apply as long as you meet the requirements. While it is encouraged to apply as early as possible, you do not require a recent job history to be eligible for CPPD benefits. However, it may be helpful to demonstrate that your tried to maintain your job and continue working. It will show that your made your best effort to keep working before applying for the benefits.
  • You can establish that you made every effort possible by showing that you:
  • reached out to your employer for an accommodation
  • asked your employer to work fewer hours
  • accepted easier tasks
  • tried to get a different or an easier job
  • tried to attend a training program
  • Service Canada will not expect you to work as an accountant while you have been an electronic engineer for the past 20 years.  They will consider your education, language proficiency, and your work history when evaluating if you can obtain substantially gainful employment or work. In short, it is important to show that you tried hard to maintain employment within your capacity of work but were unsuccessful due to your medical conditions.  
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